What it takes to be a leader in the marine Taxidermy industry?

At Gray Taxidermy we believe that purchasing a custom made fishmount is an investment, and just like a piece of art, a fishmount will be a conversation piece in your home or office for years to come. Therefore it is important to know a few things about the company before making your decision on who to contract. Who are you trusting your business with.

By asking a few questions you will have a better understanding of the entire organization. You will learn the process involved in making a world-class fish mount, and be able to distinguish a great handcrafted product from a cheap mass-produced item that many companies sell.

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At Gray Taxidermy we build our molds from real fish. We have travelled the world to make these molds which are a vital part in order to be able to handcraft any fish mount possible. The patented molds are then used to create the various fish models. We do not extend, shorten or modify an existing model to fulfill an order. Currently we have over 10,000 models of various sizes and species available, making us very confident that we will be able to build your custom fish mount regardless of inch increment or type of fish.

In case a customer requests us to modify their existing fishmount to a different pose or size, we ARE able to make such adjustments. A perfect example of this is when "Nancy's Restaurant & Snack Bar", located on Martha's Vineyard, commissioned Gray Taxidermy to reproduce the current IGFA (International Game Fish Association ) World Record 1,221 Lb Mako Shark for their restaurant. A custom model was made to accommodate the enormous size of the shark. Complete details of this Mako Shark Mount can be found here.

By simply doing some research on your own and asking your taxidermist some questions prior to placing your order, you will know why you should hire a reputable company, instead of someone who may be offering a cheaper price. Before you settle for a lower cost, know who you're about to do business with. At Gray Taxidermy, we never compromise quality over cost. Therefore the craftsmanship of the fish mounts we create is unmatched in the industry. You may pay a little higher price, but a lot comes with it and your piece-of-mind is only a part of it.

We do not create a fishmount over night. Each fishmount in our shop has to pass numerous quality inspections. The attention to detail our artists provide and the perfection and high standards we expect from all our staff, will reflect in each and every mount that leaves our facility.

Our artists are handpicked and experts in their own craft. They are here for one reason only, to handcraft a world class product that will last a lifetime. When you open up that crate, we want you say Wow! We want you to feel that your money was well spent. There is a reason why people from around the globe are coming to Gray for their fish mounts. We simply know how to produce a top quality product AND how to get it to your doorstep without a scratch. To us a repeat customer is our greatest reward.


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