Here we will explain the benefits of choosing to create a fiberglass mount vs harvesting the actual fish.

  1. Unlike skin mounts, a fiberglass mount won't deteriorate over time.
  2. By creating a mount fishmount you promote Catch-and-release fishing.
  3. A mounted fish reproduction can be beautiful as ahome or office decor for a collector or the angling enthusiast.
  4. A fiberglass reproduction will last a lifetime.
  5. No ugly shrinkage that can be associated with some poorly done skin mounts.
  6. No grease bleed associated with some poorly done skin mounts, all Salmonid and all salt water species are notorious for "grease bleed ", their heads and bodies are packed with natural oils that are all but impossible to remove completely, If undertaken at all, skin mounts of these species in particular should ideally be built with artificial heads and adipose fins.
  7. No moulds, insect infestations or other deterioration that can be associated with traditional fish Taxidermy mounts.
  8. All fiberglass fish mounts or fish mounts from Gray Taxidermy are 100% authentic looking and unmatched in the fish Taxidermy industry.
  9. If you are looking to get a trophy mount that is life like and resembles the actual fish you caught, then let Gray Taxidermy create your custom mount!
  10. Whether it's a sailfish mount, marlin fish mount, dolphin mount, a shark mount or any other saltwater or fresh water fish you want mountted, you will find what you are looking for at Gray Taxidermy.

Gray Taxidermy are pioneers in the fiberglass mount fish industry, constantly improving and inventing new methods to improve the final product and evolving the industry. In recent years a fiberglass mount fish mount have become a mainstream item and a perfect replacement to the original and conventional skin mount. There are several great benefits of the new method. The most obvious advantage is that the fish is released to grow and fight another day, these days big fish are becoming harder to find, and some species are in decline. Catch and release polices are now in force on many waters worldwide. Therefore fish mounts promotes catch-and-release fishing and is environmentally friendly as the natural ecosystem, habitats and fisheries remain intact.

Once a mold is taken from anactual specimen, countless numbers of casts can be taken from that one mold, meaning no more fish need to be taken. Custom fish mounts have been created by Gray Taxidermy for over 50 years, resulting in a the largest selection of casts (blanks) to choose from. We have now handcrafted over 500,000 of the finest fish mounts to customers from all around the globe.

Another benefit is that a trophy fishmount or fish mount in comparison to the traditional skin mount will last a lifetime. Gray Taxidermy can craft a reproduction of any fish species. We will reproduce the shape and color variation unique to each fish that is so accurate that it looks like the real fish as if it just came out of the water.

Wheter it is a fullsize wall mount, double sided ceiling mount or a smaller table-mount or head-mount. Your trophy will look amazingly life-like and will become a conversation piece where ever it is displayed.

Gray Taxidermy continues to create the absolute finest fish mounts and our attention to detail is without comparison. All fish mounts are handcrafted and our entire team and paint artists pride themselves in recreating every detail, of every fish. Each fish mold is originally created from an actual fish, making every reproduction an exact mount of the living species. Quality is never compromised and we are confident in providing 100% customer satisfaction.






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